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CAST: Eve Ellis,Tory Sinclair

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Television gossip columnist Kitty Katshaw (Tory Sinclair) has given her viewing audience all the supposed details of a fundraising party thrown by wealthy developer, Jay Edwards. Kitty says the party was comprised of buxom beauties clad in leather and lace. Her sources go on to claim that each lady "disappeared" from the party for a short while, and that host Jay was "missing" for the entire night. This scenario is obviously not something a well-known businessman wants spread around town! Jay attempts to convince Kitty to retract her story, but she refuses. Not a wise move because soon she's tied up on the floor!
Jay humiliates her by pulling open her suit jacket and binding and fondling her breasts. Again an again he ties the complaining gossip. She's standing in the corner, crotchroped and bound to a bookshelf. She's bound strappado over the foot of the bed where she receives a whipping on her ass. She's sitting in the corner, her legs and wrists pulled wide by ropes, with a rope around her neck. Here Jay clamps her nipples and weights them with a padlock. Kitty is really in for it now. She's on one knee. One ankle is pulled up and suspended behind her, her arms are pulled taught in front of her, and there's a rope leashed around her throat. Jay whips her ass, tightens the ropes until she can only groan around her drool-covered ballgag. Kitty's bound standing with plastic clips on her breasts and thighs. Jay slips a small vibrator under the front of her crotchrope, causing her to purr. Will Kitty ever give in?
The last three scenes feature Eve. First she's ballgagged and semi-suspended from her wrists on a thick post. Jay flogs her tits, belly and thighs. Next she's kneeling in front of the post with her arms pulled behind her. Jay applies harsh clamps to her nipples. Finally, she's standing again with her knotted crotchrope tethered to the ceiling winch while Jay wraps cord around her nipples and presses duct tape over her ballgag.