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CAST: Camilla Snow,Darby Daniels,Mary Jane (aka Mary Jane Green),Morgane Paris


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

KLAW!BEAUTIFUL BONDAGES - PERFECT TIES STARRINGMARYJANE, CAMILLA SNOW, MORGANE PARIS & DARBY DANIELSSeasoned and sensual Dominatrix Greta Von Scorn knows what it takes to conceive and create an arousing bondage situation and she proves it in thisknockout DVD. Greta knows the positions and outfits that will most delight the greatest number of on looking male and female bondage enthusiasts and she delivers big time in this newest DVD for Harmony. Here she stars four beautiful women in white lingerie and black lingerie, indoors and out,occasionally topless, usually in high heels and hose or stocking feet--always sexually provocative. But it's ultimately the unique way that Greta ties up this quartet of agreeable bondagettes that makes this DVD a treasure for bondage enthusiasts--one lovely bondage after another. PRODUCED & DIRECTED BY GRETA VON SCORN