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CAST: Lana Blake,Loren Chance,Marquerite Laroux,Stacy Burke,Talia Monet


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"KNOT TO BE TRUSTED" starring Lana Blake, Marguerite Laroux and Talia MonetLana Blake has a very valuable diskette in her possession, and the ladies who know about it will stop at nothing short of trickery, betrayal, and deceit to get their hands on it! Stacey Burke, Lana's trusted confidant, knows of her plan to turn the diskette over to a mystery woman (stunning newcomer Marguerite Laroux) for a handsome stack of cash. As Stacey plots to send her assistant, Talia Monet, to the meeting in Lana's place, the tables turn so many times it's hard to guess who will walk away with the goods and who will be left tied to the chairs and struggling. The story is followed by vignettes of the ladies in various stages of distress and undress. Directed by Loren Chance