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CAST: Amber Michaels,Darby Daniels,Julie Simone


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Few things sculpt and accentuate the sensuous contours of the female body like tight, restrictive latex. Shiny, taut rubber binds the flesh of the bondagettes brave enough to submit to the cruel will of Greta Von Scorn. Add even tighter ropes and straps, and we have the perfect formula for intense bondage scenes that render these ladies immobilized, bound from head to toe. Amber Michaels, Julie Simone, Darby Daniels and Artemis Antone are adorned in latex and PVC while Greta, working like a menacing black widow spider, ties them in the harshest bondage she's concocted yet. Amber Michaels hangs in midair, suspended in a latex body bag. Julie and Darby struggle uselessly against the ropes that bind them together. Artemis teeters in agony on one tenuous ankle! Directed by Greta von Scorn.
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