Latex Oil Fights 2

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CAST: Ben Campizi,Evan Stone,Exotica,Grant Michaels,Mac Turner,Miki Tan,Nicki Hunter,Xara Diaz


RELEASE DATE: 2/1/2018

MATCH 1: NICKI HUNTER VS GRANT MICHAELS If you're a big guy that takes shit from no man, but doesn't mind having your face forced into layers of pussy....your dick is going to love this fuck match. Nicki...long blond hair...short blue rubber mini dress. Grant...big guy..spends a lot of time at the gym. Nicki teases..Nicki taunts...Nicki spanks Grant's ass...Nicki runs the show. Grant suffers happily saying at one point..."Wait til I get my second wind." Shit. Grant does rip Nicki's dress off and loses his black rubber shorts. Nicki zeros in on Grant's big balls and makes him say uncle. Then she squats and dangles her Amazonian womans' hood right above Grant's mouth. This camera twat shot just could finish you off. Nicki's dirty filthy verbal and physical emasculation turns Grant into a fucking machine. Nicki and Grant definitly earn their bucks....they fuck relentlessly using each other up totally. Whew! And hats off to dirty filthy director Johnny Durango. He jams it in your face so good you can smell it. MATCH 2: EXOTICA VS EVAN STONE This one IS exotic. Evan Stone comes across like a Tarzan. And Exotica comes across like new movie sultress Rosario Dawson (the dominatrix rubber dyke in "Sin City") sporting HUGE mesmorizing tits. These two are all over the mat. Tarzan slaps pussy. Exotica crushes balls. Looking hot in a short black rubber skirt and red rubber mamary sling....Exotica's tits are air borne. She bites and chews her Tarzan's balls; and Tarzan throws his bitch a savage fuck. This match is totally hot jungle sex. Your dick is gonna say...thank you, Bwana. Oh yes, Tarzan shoots into Exotica's mouth just before her thank you cock suck. MATCH 3: MIKI TAN VS MAC TURNER. Little Miki says to Mac..."Oh... you're so big and muscular." Then she says "You're NEVER going to mount this pussy." Delicate lotus or dragon cunt? BOTH... you'll be happy to find out. Miki wears a suction tight green rubber mini dress and looks like a workin' girl in a Shanghai whore house. Mac Turner looks like a horny sailor on his first shore leave in six months. They are a hot match up. Aside from their mutually insulting and filthy mouths, you'd almost expect this couple to only fuck in the missionary position. But once ripped free of their oily, slippery rubber....Mac power plows little Miki's screamin' lotus for all the guys back on ship.. Little Miki growls..."Oh yes...throw it like that....I love it!" "OWN THAT PUSSY!" MATCH 4: XARA DIAZ VS BEN CAMPIZI Beautiful blond Xara looks classy in her little black rubber dress...over her nasty little pink clit thong. Her fuck partner Ben Campizi is a good looking guy in a businessman kind of way. A hot couple. She even has some kind of sexy accent. Thanks to the editor, classy and business-like quickly changes to getting their rubber stuff ripped off...and straight down to the filthy dirty. Ben likes Xara's fore lips, and Xara likes Ben's foreskin. Then she proceeds to squash Ben's balls to a submission. There's more cock sucking. There's more twat teasing. Then Xara squats down hard on Ben's super-sized dick. Up and down. Squat. Squish. Squat. Squish. They're all over the mat...still hooked up. Ben gets Xara coming and going and finally blows it all over her tits. Good hot stuff. NOTE: OK guys....this is quality hardcore action. Good looking guys. Sensationally sexy and skilled ladies. And (MUST love his work) director Johnny Durango makes hot sex scorch your fantasies. Little Miki says..."OWN THIS VIDEO!"