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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Lana Lotts

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

We open on Jay and his shy new girlfriend Lana discussing their relationship -- he flat-out tells her that he wants to tie her up. Lana seems quite uncomfortably with the idea but she does want to please him and meekly agrees. Her determination falters a bit as Jay sets to work binding her wrists, then her elbows, and continuing on to her voluptuous curves. He allows Lana to remain fully clothed, but does not skimp on the ultra-tight crotch and breast roping. Jay takes complete control of her body and by the time he's pulling her tits out of her dress, she's panting with a heady mixture of pain and pleasure. Her crotchrope forces her filmy black panties up into her pussy lips...a huge white ballgag fills her mouth...what has she gotten herself into? A standing spreadeagle is next, with the dark-eyed beauty stripped-down to just hosiery and heels. Rope lassos her huge tits together and cleaves her reddening labia. Tweezer-clamps choke her swelling nipples. This bondage neophyte must next endure two asymmetrical ties on the floor, the second of which involves the semi-suspension of her left arm and leg. For this extremely sexual position, Jay augments her black ballgag with both his hands and several strips of sticky duct tape. An elbows-together strappado (ALL of Lana's ties involve tight elbow ropes!) starts out simple enough until Jay hitches her ballgag to a post and whips her ass rosy red. The formerly accommodating gal pal has now weakened, moaning "OW" through her gag with each blow to her butt. But there's more on Jay's agenda and she's not asking him to stop! Jay leads the still-elbow-bound lass to the bedroom, tosses her on the bed and blindfolds her. She squeals with discomfort as he rolls her around on her tightly-tied mammaries and hoists her crotchrope to the ceiling, effectively suspending her hips in mid-air. In the end, we're left to wonder if lusty Lana will have the desire (and strength) to remain in her relationship with this bondage maestro. We are then treated to three scenes of glamour-model superstar Alexis Taylor! Clad only in black stockings, garterbelt and heels, Alexis is webbed into a somewhat precarious position under the dungeon frame. Her massive mams are caged in rope, clothespins pinch her nips and a chinstrap ballgag fills her mouth. Her spike heels skid and scrape on the concrete floor as she struggles in vain for some sort of balance, but it's no use. She must rely on the ropes to hold her upright. Still under the frame and perched on a stool, Alexis is so pretty with her plug-gag, ankle-spreader, and rope-harnessed boobs. One curvaceous ankle is suspended, squasher clips are added to her nipples, and suddenly she's in quite a bit of discomfort! Now we find Alexis whimpering through tourniquet-style breast bondage and a belled ballgag (*tinkle tinkle!*). Her gag is removed on camera and replaced by a huge wad of cloth and a full roll of red med-wrap. Her crotchrope is hoisted and she's left to ponder the rest of her day...as we head into an exciting preview reel for JEV-165!