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CAST: Lauren

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Lauren, already tightly bound and gagged, is carried in over Jay's shoulder. Tanned, taut, and lingerie-clad, it appears that she'll be providing Jay with an exciting afternoon! Moving his bound toy to a tall stool, Jay applies clothespins to Lauren's pert nipples. She squeals in protest, but can't really do anything to ease her discomfort. Fortunately, Jay provides some distraction by removing her ballgag and kissing her deeply. Her mood improves noticeably as he sucks hungrily at her tongue! Easy there, girlie...time for a fat white trainer ballgag. Next she's tied in a kneeling "Eiffel Tower" position with her legs frogged. Jay kisses her again then pulls her up onto kneepoint! Lauren is next tied minimally while scantily attired in a gold satin garter ensemble. Jay completes her bondage on camera, hammering her arms in back and leashing her to the ceiling. Finally, the feisty blonde is kneeling against Jay short revolving post. She is again ungagged and when Jay enters, she complains that he has not been nice to her and that she's very uncomfortable. Wrong thing to say, honey! Soon she's grimacing at the HUGE wad of cloth he shoves into her mouth before sealing her gaping lips with medwrap and clamping her nipples!
Next up is petite, energetic Jenna, who arrives on set slung over Jay's shoulder. Her lacy white lingerie and heels hint at an innocence we doubt she relies upon. Jenna is an "urgent mmmph-er" who keeps the gag noises coming as Jay sits her on the floor and ties her ankles around a post. Another scene in the lacy knickers shows her athletic attempts at balance, even when her ankles are tied together too tightly to support her. Jenna's final two scenes have her adorned in shiny red vinyl. Ungagged for the first position, she whimpers "Ow! Ow! Ow!" as Jay binds her elbows oh-so-so tightly. Jenna's last scene is and asymmetrical half-frog on the floor with Jenna's lush mouth covered over by a leather panel gag. All in all, one very sexy video with loads of elbows-together bondage!
(And as always, a detailed preview of JEV-170.)