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CAST: Sharon Engert,Terri Renee-Seixas

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

It's a shooting day at the Edwards house and Jay is busily preparing his equipment.
In the makeup chair, luscious Sharon is doing her last minute touch-ups. When Jay comes in to check on her, though, she seems just a bit bored. "I'm tired of just shooting shooting shooting, Jay. Can't we make today about having fun?"
Your wish is Jay's command, sweetie! Grabbing his plush pet right out of her chair, Master Jay gets right to work at having some F-U-N!
A kneeling post-tie is first on the day's bondage docket, complete with onscreen tying and a nice, hard tit-whipping. (That knotted crotchrope actually seems to provide the most fun for our girl.)
Next, Jay wraps Sharon's huge melons in tight coils of rope and manhandles them while a hoisted crotchrope tugs cruelly at her poor little pussy.
Bound sitting upright on a tall stool, Sharon presents a perfect canvas for breast binding. That big, soft, wet mouth of hers is just made for on-camera gag changes.
A strict frogtie has our bottomless damsel wriggling her lush body down a carpeted hallway, right into Jay's clutches for some more tit punishment!
Stripped down to just her high heels, Sharon's tanned flesh practically begs for extra whipping, and maybe a couple clothespegs on those pert nips?
Sharon's last bondage shows off her astounding curves from all angles...and makes us wonder what kind of fun she and Jay may have had after the camera stopped rolling!
Beautiful newcomer Terri rounds out the program with four sexy bondages of her own. Tall, tanned, and taut, this gal looks like she might have strolled in off a private Malibu beach. Her turquoise blue eyes widen so sexily as Jay whips her vulnerable ass!
(Included is a full preview of JEV-177!)