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CAST: Shannon Kelly,Taylor

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Busty blonde Taylor made her debut a couple of months ago in "D-Cup Discipline #8" and her two scenes were hot! Now it seems that Taylor has finished law school and isn't quite so keen on being a bondage starlet. Her problem: how to get all those sexy images of her in bondage back from Jay, the man who owns them? Inviting Jay over for coffee, she greets him at the door in her bathrobe, invites him in and explains the situation. She leaves the room "to get their coffee." but, when she returns, she has sexy high heels on and removes her robe to reveal a lacy white lingerie ensemble. She tells Jay that she'll do anything to get those pictures back. Never one to waste an opportunity, Jay draws Taylor into his arms and proceeds to "take payment" for the images. Taylor sits obediently as Jay ties her ever so tightly. We can see that the tight ropes hurt, but this lady is tough and she maintains her sexy demeanor even as he grips hard at her big boobs and clamps her tender nipples. The ballgags he uses seem so huge in her little mouth! Changing into red and black lingerie with heels, Taylor looks even more the part of Jay's bondage toy. The silky red opera gloves she wears cause her grasping fingers to slip off of every rope she tugs at. Jay even strips her completely nude and barefoot, picking her up, carrying her around and manhandling her. She's spreadeagled nude on the bed with hoisted crotchrope and nipple clamps while Jay toys with her lovely body. It's simply no use; she is stuck in this predicament until Jay decides that she has paid in full...but just what will that take? The program rounds out with three breathtaking scenes of delightful redhead Shannon Kelly bound nude with only gold opera gloves and high heels. Jay un-gags her so that we can hear her squeal "OW!" as he pinches her poor nipples and the combo whip/flogger/slapper spanking he administers to her beet-red ass would have even the toughest submissive crying for relief! (This video also includes an exciting preview of JEV-163!)