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CAST: Darla Crane


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Five sexy scenes starring Darla Crane, all the bondages tied by Lorelei (formerly Kristine Imboch)...who could ask for more? Darla decided it was time to get back in front of the camera so she called up her friend Lorelei and together they came up with this very personalized collection of scenes. Starting out simply, we find Darla post-tied to the bed frame. She sports black lace lingerie and heels, purple rope, and a huge pink ballgag that makes her drool. Next, it's a hogtie on the bed. Sensing that the simple position isn't tough enough, Lorelei soon adds ropes to keep the curvy redhead in place. Moving on, we find Darla in two cloth-strip ties, standing under the bondage frame. Now we see Darla, in only a fishnet dress and high heels, bound to a chair and ballgagged. To add to her plight, Lorelei tips the chair over! Finally, it a super-sexy, Japanese-style frogtie that really shows off Darla's flexibility. Lots of ballgags, clean, colorful ropework, drooling, and high heels make this one fun video!