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CAST: Lorraine Vanowen


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This video is for those who like to see a bondagette enjoy herself. Bondage-loving girl-next-door Lorraine Vanowen talks about her interests, fantasies and preferences in her own Model Profile video, then glows with playful energy as she struggles continually through 5 scenes: Locked on a bench in her bloomers, she giggles as she's gagged with panties. Clad in lingerie and stilettos, she's hogtied with handcuffs and fed strawberries. Her panties are displayed as her boots are semi-suspended; a large wad of cloth is taped into her mouth. Tied hand and foot, Lorraine's white see-through dress clings as she gives herself a warm bath and shower. Face down on the bed, she writhes slowly and moans sensually. Interviewed by Kristine Imboch in 1989.