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CAST: Alexis Taylor

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Lovely Alexis is troubled and disturbed by a series of dreams she's been having. In these dreams she's tightly bound, gagged and dominated by Jay Edwards. This would not actually be a problem for bondage-loving Alexis except for the fact that Jay's engaged to marry her sister! Alexis is so consumed by her attraction to Jay that she actually flirts with the idea of seducing him, but chickens out at the last minute. Unfortunately for her, Jay stumbles upon her bondage equipment closet and takes matters (and Alexis) into his own hands! Before she knows what's going on he has her strapped up, ballgagged and utterly helpless. An extreme strappado leaves Alexis' lush ass available for punishment with her own discipline toys, then Jay gets her down on the floor in a sexy asymmetrical position. When Jay gets the wicked idea to find Alexis' camera and snap some sexy pics of her the struggling beauty panics and tries to scoot out of the room, which earns her a severe hogtie and an even bigger gag! Next we find that Jay has laced poor Alexis into a black satin corset, but instead of struggling, she asks him to cinch her in even tighter. Now each strenuous position Jay forces her into elicits moans of pain AND pleasure. Looks like the bashful brunette has accepted her fate...but will her intense passions force her to betray her sister? Includes previews of JEV-135.