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CAST: Molly Matthews (Aka Emily Marilyn)

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

It's a meeting of the masters; world famous submissive "Subgirl" is caught in the excruciatingly tight ropework of the "Prince of Ties!"
We knew it had to happen eventually. How could a model as devoted to bondage as Molly Matthews not wind up collaborating with Mr. Edwards? In this exciting video Jay finally gets his hands (and his ropes, and his gags, and his clamps, and his whips) on Molly's yummy flesh...and it's all for our benefit!
We open on that familiar black wooden box which has again been left, yet again, on Jay's front porch. It's surprising to find a girl as tall as Molly bound, gagged and scrunched-up inside, but believe us, squeezing her lithe frame into a cramped wooden box is NOTHING compared to what lies ahead for our newly-blonde heroine!
After bringing his new toy inside for some fondling fun on the sofa, Jay leaves her in a strict, asymmetrical tie on the living room floor. Med-wrap over her ballgag helps keep her quiet as he paws her plump breasts.
Next, it's a severe strappado with elbows together that leaves Molly's poor nipples vulnerable to big clover-clamps and her round ass free for the white stinger-whip!
Tied on a tall stool, Molly's whimpers are real as Jay pulls her hair and grips at her reddening asscheeks. She also drools freely around her plug gag.
A frogtie with a knotted crotchrope seems to bring this real-life masochist genuine pleasure, then it's a session on the wooden slave chair that really tests her flexibility!
As the program continues, we get to meet the newest member of Jay's stable! Pretty little Jenna has blonde hair and a lovely figure...but is Jay's rough and tough style just a bit too much for this plucky newcomer? We'll let you decide as she struggles through the four tough scenes her new Master doles out for her!
(As always, this production includes an exciting preview of JEV-160!)