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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Andrea Neal,Catalina L`Amour,Chelsea Pfeiffer,Eve Ellis,Jenny Mckay,Sabrina Stone,Talia Monet,Tory Sinclair


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"Matt vs. the Harmony Bondagettes, Round Three"Ding! They're up and at it again as Matt Meyers does his best to contain the beauty of the women of Harmony! Hollywood's outdoor bondage adventure continues in this third artistic but fun video. This time, she got brave enough to take off her shirt! Talia Monet puts on a naughty-but-nice little nightie trimmed with hot-pink polka-dot fur (the g-string is made of the funny fur too). It seems that once Catalina got dressed in all that leather, she because inspired to top. For, lo and behold, it's Catalina tying Jenny McKay this time! Andrea Neal gets tough and ties Talia, gagging her with a wiffle-ballgag. And, lusciously last, Tory Sinclair in leather wrestles Alexis Taylor in latex, and well...Alexis loses.

"Matt vs. the Harmony Bondagettes, Round Four"

Tory Sinclair ties, taunts and teases Alexis Taylor. Andrea Neal and Talia Monet are all roped, gagged and cuddly. Eve Ellis is semi ball-tied and gagged, dressed in lingerie and out in her back yard! Hollywood is hogtied in black lingerie and left to struggle on a zebra print rug in front of the fireplace. And finally, in a real departure, Eve and Hollywood really, really wrestle (there is no bondage in this scene other than that of the ladies holding each other down). Added on to this special feature are two pretty predicaments starring Sabrina Stone by Chelsea Pfeiffer. She's stretched over a chaise lounge, and chair-tied. She wears black lingerie in both scenes, but adds a waist cinch and loses her bra for one scene then loses her shoes in the next!
Directed by Matt Meyers