Mistress Sabrina's School and Other Tales

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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Amber Michaels,Jessica Cliara,Jessica Vaughn,Leslie Madison,Sabrina Stone,Sadie Belle


RELEASE DATE: 3/1/2020

Exciting newcomer Sadie Belle plays a government agent who infiltrates Sabrina Stone's college of kidnap, but classmate Jessica Claira has a hidden agenda that places them all in peril. It's a "War of the Witches" when sorceress Alexis Taylor gains possession of a South Pacific idol, and her friend Leslie Madison tries to steal the god of mischief to send him home before he can cause more trouble. Sexy Amber Michaels is spirited away to a "Harem in the Suburbs" and Jessica Vaughn tries to initiate her into life in the seraglio. Directed by Jon Woods.