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CAST: Becky Sunshine,Christie,Vanessa

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Next time Vanessa tells someone to "kiss her ass," she'll know better than to say it Jay Edwards!
He takes control with tit clamps, breast bondage, elbows together and a riding crop. He whips her stocking feet and then turns her bare butt a glowing red.
Christie clad in black mini skirt and lace top adds to Vanessa's predicatment. After some words between the two ladies, Christies undresses down to her bra and garter belt. Jay has had enough and controls both of them tying them face to face on their knees with a bar between their legs.
After the story, busty blonde Becky is seen in three scenes, barefoot with nipple clamps and even suspended!