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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Shay Sights,Tami Monroe

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jay's newest tale opens on a bondage video shoot in progress. Alexis is bent strictly over a padded post as Jay whips her ass. Later, we find the feisty model in her dressing room. Jay tries to be sweet, but Alexis is just so rude to him! In her next scene she's kneeling against a short post. She scowls as Jay shoves a huge white cloth into her mouth and seals it in with med-wrap, but by her next position, a tough, back-bender semi-suspension, her protests aren't so enthusiastic. Back in the dressing room, Alexis grudgingly agrees to nipple clamps, but as soon as he leaves the room, she's admiring the way they look in the mirror. Next, she sits on a swivel stool as Jay binds her elbows together. "If you weren't so rough, I might like this" she snaps. A Bishop gag helps shut her up entirely. Kneeling again, with a bar tied firmly between her legs, Alexis can only moan as Jay clamps her nipples, then attaches the clamps to the end of the bar in front of her. She struggles between leaning back to ease the strain on her body, and leaning forward to lessen the tug on her nipples! Finally, she's on the floor, cross-ankled and elbow-bound. She stays this way for quite a while, but when the shoot is over and Jay starts to untie her, she says she's in no rush to leave!
Next we find petite blonde Tami Monroe on a stool with her elbows lashed tightly together. Jay enters and fills her rosebud mouth with two large hankies, then seals them in with med-wrap and tape. He moves her to the floor and turns her bondage into a very strict hogtie. He totally takes control of her, fondling her and rolling her this way and that.
Brunette Shay finishes us off with two tough ties. Seated on a table, she's totally vulnerable to the stinger whip and C-clamps on her tits. Then, kneeling in front of the short post, Jay removes the gag and her eager mouth engulfs the mounted phallus. Wow!
Includes previews of JEV-99.