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CAST: Bambi Newberry,Tami Monroe

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bambi stars in this fulfilling story, with a role tailor-made to her talents. A fashion model sits languidly at the make-up mirror, admiring her beautiful arrogant self, musing to herself that the world owes her a living. The striking redhead dallies with her lipstick, planning on doing as little work for this photographer as possible. And perhaps she'll steal his watch, as a little bonus to herself. Meanwhile, the photographer who hired her waits and waits for the model to appear. When she finally comes in and begins posing sexily in her hardly-there gown, you might explode in sheer anticipation of what's to come! When the watch-theft is discovered, the photographer reacts quickly. He gives her a hard slap with his belt and demands that she strip--or he'll tell everyone in the industry about her filching. As he ties her wrists and yanks a tight crotchrope between her legs, she's still sassy--but that will soon change! A strap-gag's thrust between her red lips and behold, it shuts her up. Now the fun begins. Highlights of her penance: Breast-bondage worn through two scenes (giving a nice dark tone to her strangled tits), culminating in an elbow hogtie. A special nipple-clothespin design incorporates screws that pierce through the clamps and tighten right into her nubs! A hoisted crotchrope is yanked up until it LIFTS HER FEET off the ground! The female body was NOT designed to take this--but take it she must. Shapely slave Tami Monroe debuts in red PVC. She's tiny in height but delightfully big on top. Who wouldn't want this luscious little bondage doll for their very own? Her cute noises mix musically with moans and spanks as she eyes her Master longingly. She's soon spread face-up, cringing and squealing through a signature Jay Edwards nasty-hot-wax ordeal, which paints her tender breasts a bright red!