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CAST: Autumn Woods, Mistress Sabrina Belladonna


RELEASE DATE: 4/1/2017

Cute, red-haired Autumn thinks her boyfriend has signed her up for private modeling lessons, but when she arrives at Mistress Belladonna's door, she discovers the lessons are a bit more than she bargained for!Soon the imposing Mistress has Autumn bound and gagged -- turns out, Autumn's boyfriend has actually sent her for instruction in the ways of submission! Again and again Autumn is bound, gagged, and dominated by stern Mistress Belladonna. She is spanked, whipped, flogged and cropped. She even has hot candle wax dripped all over her bound breasts! At first she resists her Mistress' superiority, but eventually her will is worn down and she begins to enjoy her surrender. Looks like she'll be coming back for more lessons!