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CAST: Alex Foxe,Cassie Sheridan,Eve Ellis,Jenny,Jenny Mckay,Lillie White (aka Lillith White),Oceana,Stella Dubois,Sydney Steele,Tyler Macneil


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014


This extraordinary Featured Fetish tape is devoted to the bound female form--as completely body-wrapped in plastic wrap and tape! Eight popular models in all are sealed tight in their specially designed mummifications. They all struggle mightily (some hopping) in their attempts to escape their unusual bondages. TYLER MACNEIL is wrapped transparently--alternately gagged with med-wrap and a tape-with-stuffing cleave-gag! LILLI WHITE is mummified and taped up with white duct. ALEX FOXE is wrapped with see-through plastic, red duct tape, and med-tape-gagged. CASSIE SHERIDAN is cocooned in plastic and silver duct tape and gagged with gray gaffer's tape for good measure. STELLA DUBOIS is surrounded in pink plastic, highlighted and gagged with gaffer's tape! OCEANA is sealed in clear plastic, red and black duct tape, with a red duct tape-gag. JENNY McKAY is snug in plastic and taped in brown duct. And SYDNEE STEELE is encircled in plastic, and taped up and gagged with yellow electrical tape! Whew! And all topless to boot! If you like your damsels-in-distress mummified, this is the videotape for you.


Harmony favorite Eve Ellis dons exquisitely tight equestrienne clothing and is tied in positions that accent her lovely curves. We had a heck of a time getting the boots on -- but once we did they, of course, fit her beautifully...lovingly. Once her day of bondage was over, we had a tough time getting them off, too! We thought we'd have to send her home that way. For the lover of equestrienne bondage, and/or for those who appreciate the lingering view of a beautiful behind.Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer