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CAST: Angelica Sin,Justine Romee,Lena Ramon,Shay Sights


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Two stories of mean-tempered, nympho neighbors who can't keep their paws off each other!
STORY ONE…Lazy Shay is spending a chilled-out morning in bed when her neighbor Angelica barges in, still dressed sexy after a night of partying. Angelic screeches that Shay's annoying little dog is outside destroying her yard. AGAIN. She wants Shay to get out there and collect the tiny terror, but Shay's too comfy in bed.
Bickering turns to tussling, which leads to a full, physical catfight! The fur really flies when this dog-owner goes wildcat!
Shay and Angelica have big, round boobs that they use to smother and crush each other. It's no surprise that all this boob-bashing and pussy-pinching gets our gals hot enough to fuck!
(Shay and Angelica are real-life buddies and their sexual chemistry in this flick is off the hook!)
STORY TWO…Justine has been dumped by her boyfriend and is listening to records to cheer herself up. Without warning, Lena barrels in and complains that the music can be heard all the way down the street! Justine tries to kick Lena out but the brazen brunette refuses to leave.
This is just too much for an emotional Justine to handle and violence follows. These limber hellcats really go at it, pulling hair, spanking asses, twisting nipples and biting toes!
Their moods do a 180, however, when Justine lets Lena know why she's so upset. Lena shows her new pal that she doesn't need a man to feel good!
(Lena and Justine requested we cast them together on this movie and their hot sex scene shows why!)
Directed by Darla Crane!