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CAST: Cathryn Beaumont,Joy Marks,Molly Matthews (aka Emily Marilyn)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Curvy Cathryn visits the clinic with a sore wrist and is soon in the clutches of kinky Nurse Mathews!First she is ordered to don a hospital gown, which she finds odd considering the pain is in her wrist. The nurse ogles her as she removes her clothes and puts on the gown, then tapes her hands together -- to stabilize the wrist, of course. Next Cathryn is forced to stand on a scale and answer extremely intimate questions, in front of other patients in the lobby! Because her wrists are taped, she can't hold her loose gown closed in back. (Little does Cathryn know that in other parts of the clinic, Nurse Joy struggles in uniform bondage and a naked patient squirms in full-body gauze wrapping.) Back in the exam room, Cathryn is bound to the table and subjected to a bizarre gynecological exam in front of an open door. Will she get the drop on this nasty nurse and give her a taste of her own medicine?