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CAST: Lydia Mclane

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Lovely Lydia is back for more rough play with the masked man of Sterne-Masterson! Dragging her into his dungeon, he strips the poor girl’s clothes off and spanks her butt hard! Next we find her hair-tied standing up. The bad guy whips her legs with a riding crop and forces her to wriggle about. Tight nipple-strings are next on the menu for our heroine as the masked man tugs and pulls her nips forward. Tied to a ladder, Lydia wears only a crotchrope and heels as unique, weighted clamps are pinched onto her nips. Now she is post-tied on her knees with a hoisted crotchrope between her thighs. Weighted nipple strings drag her pert boobs downward. An ankle suspension has Lydia squirming but the last scene is intense: Tied to a cot, Lydia has a buzzing vibe tied between her thighs and wicked nipple-stretcher clamps on her breasts. Yeouch!!