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CAST: Sally Roberts,Susan Blair


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

In the first half of this double-feature, Sally Roberts plays a movie star with a dangerous hobby; she likes to pick up good looking men at the racetrack! As you may have guessed, this soon backfires on her in a big way. While sitting with her newest catch, she finds herself getting woozy. He's drugged her wine, and as soon as she's out cold, he ties her up and spirits her away. When she awakens, he informs her that she is the newest student in a "school" that trains abducted women as bondage slaves! She plays along, hoping to make her escape somehow, and is bound several times by her captor. Eventually she is "found" by her friend, Susan Blair. She's in for a shock, though, because Susan's in cahoots with the kidnapper! In the second half of this video Susan is too lazy to do her chores. She'd rather just read her sci-fi novels. Roommate Sally will have none of that, so she ties Susan up, chloroforms her, and changes her into attire more fitting to a slave. Turns out Sally is a minion of an evil alien race that abducts earth women for use as slaves! Her masters are telling her to hurry up in her training of Susan, but she's working as fast as she can. Displeased with her work, the alien master shows up at the apartment and performs a little training on both ladies.