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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Shannon Kelly

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Cute little Shannon Kelly is back in the clutches of Jay Edwards. This red-haired dynamo can handle Jay’s roughest treatment...and that’s saying a lot!
As we open, Jay is just driving up. Exiting the car, he opens the trunk and we see that Shannon is in tucked away in there, all tied up and gagged! After making sure that the coast is clear (no one would want to be spotted with a tied up girl in their trunk, right?) Jay hauls her out, throws her over his shoulder and carries her up to the front porch. He then proves to her just how dire her situation is: he’s so sure that no one is close enough to rescue her that he ties her to the front porch railing and goes off into the house!
Next, the whimpering captive is carried into the house, stripped of her clothing and retied into a ball position. Jay changes her gag on camera and tosses her about like the little playtoy that she is. Later, he carries her to the hallway and ropes her against the wall. This simple position might even be tolerable if it weren't for the whipping, the nipple clamps, the tightly stuffed tape gag and the crotchrope that Jay has hoisted so cruelly! A kneeling frogtie is made even worse for poor Shannon by the fact that her wrists are hauled up in back, strappado-style. Time for another on-camera gag change!
Again, we find Shannon tied standing in the hall. Jay quickly removes the red and black slave corset she’s wearing to reveal her amazing, “fitness model” abs. He also leashes her crotchrope up to the ceiling which keeps her tottering on her bare tiptoes. A very sexy hogtie follows, for which Shannon wears a cute little belled ballgag. No matter how many times Jay tightens the ropes, she just keeps on struggling for relief!
As her day ends, Shannon is retied totally nude and barefoot, carried outside, and placed back in the car trunk. Where is Jay taking her now?
Rounding out the program are three scenes of bondage favorite, Alexis Taylor. She’s ball-tied, post-tied, and standing spreadeagle, all the while wearing nothing but red spiked heels and opera gloves!
And along with all of this bondage action, there’s even a preview of JEV-153!