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CAST: Lydia Mclane

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Red-haired beauty Lydia McLane has been abducted by the wicked folks at Sterne-Masterson! As we open, Lydia is already chained up in the dungeon and her abductor is pawing at her body. He strips her down and torments her flesh with his hands! Soon the Scottish-American bondage doll is yoked in steel with a spreader bar between her ankles while her kidnapper cinches her waist into an excruciatingly t-i-g-h-t little corset! Sitting on a wooden box, Lydia’s hands are kept behind her head by a half-yoke, then a lotus position is made tougher by a leather body harness, nipple clamps and a panel gag. She can do nothing as the wicked man removes her stockings and garterbelt! Finally, our flame-tressed heroine is hooded in leather and left on her own...but not for long! Soon the evil captor returns and turns her bondage into a hogtie. Is there no escape for this fetching lass?