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CAST: Cheyenne Tyler,Jenni Lee,Sharon Engert

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Back in 2001, Jay Edwards created a video that featured three beautiful models completely nude and barefoot, bound in hemp-like manila rope. The bondage was very much like Japanese kinbaku, done in that distinctive way that only Jay Edwards can manage.
Well, with this new production he has done it again!
Ultra-busty Sharon and exotically gorgeous Cheyenne were in the first production (appropriately called "Hemp Me!,") and they return here for more of the rough stuff. Delightfully, they are joined by bondage superstar Jenni Lee!
Sharon has the lion’s share of the bondage, with four lengthy scenes that showcase her voluptuous body.
Jenni Lee and Cheyenne each have two scenes, but don't think Jay goes easy on them. Each model is taken to her limits with stringently difficult positions and extremely tight roping. Nipple clamps, breast bondage, whippings, heavily packed mouth stuffing, slaps, swats, squeezes and spanks abound. They sets are perfect, adding to the overall mood of the video.
There’s even a preview of JEV-154!