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CAST: Heather,Rita

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jay's new neighbor Heather may be beautiful but she's way too nosy! She eyes Jay on his front porch as he's saying goodbye to a girl who's just leaving. Sauntering over to him, she immediately starts snooping. "Who was that?" "What's going on in there?" she asks, pushing her way past Jay and into his living room. Of course Jay has just finished a bondage shoot and there are ropes and gags all over the place. Heather's not surprised at all -- In fact, she seems anxious to get in on the act herself. Well, if the lady wants to be tied up, the lady is going to get tied up! Jay warms her up with a basic strappado, then increases the heat with a semi-nude lotus tie. To show her who's boss, Jay pushes her out the front door and onto the porch - wearing little more than high heels and rope! Heather spends the whole day tightly bound and gagged, sharing lots of sexy interaction and kissing with her new master. Bet she's glad she moved into Jay's neighborhood! Following the story are three scenes featuring lovely, Latin Rita (who hasn't appeared in a Jay Edwards video since 1998). This little darling endures four extreme ties in her scenes, straining and whimpering so sexily! Includes previews of JEV116.