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CAST: Brook Evans,Gigi,Samantha

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Brook has done everything to join the wealthy "IN" crowd, even bluffing her way through love and matrimony to take advantage of an old man's innocent devotion. Now Muffy wants people to think that she's always been upper class, but pretending to know everything about being Rich-N-Famous can backfire. Jay Edwards arrives at the door, offering an exclusive service for moneyed matrons. Muffy isn't about to admit she doesn't know what he's talking about, so she secures his services--and then he secures her! Looking luscious in a clinging mini-dress, the brunette beauty employs idle chatter as Jay ropes her up with precision. A shiny red ballgag muffles Muffy and then she's left alone to ponder her sensations in bondage. After Jay has made himself comfortable in her spacious home, Muffy finds herself lashed to a post with a knotted crotchrope. Jay strolls in, unlaces Muffy's top, puts nipple clamps on his helpless captive, and cups her full breasts in his hands. If Muffy's having second thoughts by this time, it's too late. Jay pushes up the tight little dress and flogs Muffy's ass. Little does she know that he's only giving her a beginner's lesson! It's just a warm-up for what's to come. After Muffy marks time in a bed-bind, Jay ropes her into a fold-tie, adds pinch-clamps to her nipples, and ace-wraps her ballgag and big brown eyes. She is then spirited away to the dungeon where he finally removes the nipple clamps--when the sensation rushes back into her nubs you see a genuine reaction! Jay layers on the discipline by taking up the stinger whip to torment Muffy's breasts, stomach and thighs. This scene seems to go on and on as she writhes, unable to escape--and it's hard not to feel sorry for her, even if she IS a moneygrubber. Kept in the slave box for unknown hours, Muffy becomes docile and compliant as the training takes effect. When Jay hoists Muffy's crotchrope with a crank, she submits to this discomfort beautifully. A great mouth-pack-and-tape scene is followed by scheduled discipline as Jay whips his slave's breasts and stomach with a heavier flogger than before. When he removes Muffy's gag and continues to whip her, she surrenders without a word of protest. IN THE RED SLAVE ROOM: As submissive blonde Samantha kneels in tight ropes, a whip punishes her thighs and breasts. She endures her punishments with grace and an air of resignation --what other option does she have? New slave Gigi awaits her first session while atop the rotating pallet--affording us a good look at her from every angle. Jay adds Japanese nipple clamps and then the ritual begins. A stinger-whip starts in on Gigi's thighs, which she obviously finds very difficult. Her body involuntarily seeks to escape the punishment as she twists and pulls in her bondage. Sweat begins to glow on her stressed face as she endures training that was beyond her imagining when she first agreed to do this. Also included: previews of JEV-68.