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CAST: Rita,Tanja Wilder

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jay is hired to tighten up a manuscript, only to find that haughty author Cathy (cute redhead Tanja Wilder, billed in the credits as "Tina") expects him to do all the real work. When he suggests that she needs to flesh out the characters more realistically, Cathy counters that she doesn't even believe in her book's premise -- a woman submitting to a masterful man. Jay feels that writers should write what they know so he decides to give sassy Cathy the real-life experience she needs. She's grabbed, roped, bit-ballgagged and exposed! Her elbows are lashed tightly together behind her back, she's collared and panty-gagged. What a fantastic reaction when she's nipple-clamped for the first time! Cathy's left alone to stew, at which point she goes for the phone (as best she can, all bound up like that), but she's caught at the last moment and strictly hogtied. Cathy enters into round-the-clock training. She claims all the while that she finds her intense predicaments boring and unaffecting...but Jay knows different. He sneaks in on her while she's chair-tied, eyes closed, thrusting hungrily against her crotchrope. She's humiliated that he's seen her so excited, but now stripped of her facade, she submits utterly to the training. When it's time to re-write her ailing novel, Cathy does a bang-up job, to the delight of both Master and slave! After the story, devoted Rita is back for a new session in the Red Slave Room. Her full lips circle a shiny red ballgag as she's whipped on her rump and stockinged soles. Seated prettily on a stool, Rita tries to rock back against Jay with her squirming hips when he comes in to caress her. Then comes a special surprise! Rita graduates from the Slave Room and now finds herself in the Master's House proper! Bound in his living room for the first time, she stands in a wide-ankle spread at the railing, where she encounters squasher clamps on her big, nubby nipples! Includes previews of JEV-76.