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RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

OFFICE MANNERS: Satina gets her new job by balling the owner of the company. Now that's not the proper way to apply for a job. How tacky! Satina tells Raven how she got her job. A mistake, as Raven happens to be engaged to the owner and doesn't hesitate to teach Satina some office manners.

Satina gets a good spanking on her beautiful, full, round, plump and burning derriere and the video camera cathes every hot exciting moment of it for you as Satina squirms and wiggles in anticipation of the heavy hand of punishment. Oh, but Satina gets her chance for revenge and is eager to give tit for tat. Raven can dish it out better than she can take it. What a belligerent snipe Raven turned out to be. Well, Satina had to raise her hand a little higher and come down a little heavier to get her point across. Spanking connoisseurs, buy this one, you'll love it.

Bonus Feature -
DOUBLE PUNISHMENT: Two of Golden Girls superstars wrestle in a previous video. This is Part Two where the loser pays for her defect by submitting to the winners, giving her a long hard spanking. The Golden Girls are famous for their wild, wonderful bodies. Bobby, the loser, could model for the ancient Greek sculptors as her body is almost perfect and her rear end is voluptuously shaped and magnificent.