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CAST: Delilah,Nikki Steele,Tanya Danielle


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

The "Male Bondage" series returns with a bang!
Male model Delilah had a dream of one day being a Harmony bondagette. Once Mr. Harmon let Chelsea know about this fellow, he was fast on his way to wish fulfillment! But, you know that old saying, "Be careful what you wish for...?"
Soon Delilah, in lingerie, stockings, heels and a dress, finds himself in some serious bondage! And, he thought it was going to be all fun! Ha!
With the help of Tanya Danielle and Nikki Steele, Chelsea puts Delilah through his paces -- rope marks included -- for tie after tie.
Ballgags abound, but the bondage is all rope and as tight as the three devotedly diabolical ladies could make it.
Welcome back to male-bondage land!
Stars Tanya Danielle, Nikki Steele and male model Delilah. Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer.
PLEASE NOTE that there is NO LIVE SOUND on this video! The original audio track was somehow lost and had to be replaced with music.