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CAST: Summer Cummings

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This video is titled as such because Bryan Davis accomplishes much of the roping and strapping of buxom Summer while the camera rolls!
The first scene, however, is just Summer alone...and it’s simply stunning: she stands on one high-heel-clad foot with her right wrist tied to her waist. Her left wrist and left ankle are rope high over her head so she’s stuck in a permanent high-kick!
Next, it is a breathtaking FULLY-SUSPENDED FROGTIE for poor Summer, which is so tough that even this trouper can barely move.
On the floor now, Summer again has one leg suspended and the other frogged. Bryan enters to slap her firm ass and tug on her bell-clamped nipples, eliciting cute squeals!
Standing in a leather body harness, Summer is leashed to the ceiling. Bryan soon enters and adds straps all up and down her body, fully immobilizing her. Next, Bryan takes his time, slowly strapping Summer’s entire body to a horizontal X-frame. Perched on a tall stool with her knees drawn up sharply, Summer whimpers as Bryan carefully ropes her each wrist to each ankle and clamps jingle bells to her nipples.
Finally, Bryan accomplishes a hard-arch hogtie on Summer as we watch in awe!
How does he do it?