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CAST: Guy Disilva, Layla Jade, Lexi Lamour

DIRECTOR: Tony Stark

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

When Tony Starc first decided to create his popular bondage series for Close-Up, he deliberately sought out models who worked more in the mainstream XXX field than in bondage. His feeling was that not only were these beautiful women very in touch with their sexuality, but also that their inexperience with ropes and gags would bring a special kind of erotic vulnerability to their scenes. And was he right!
CHAPTER ONE: LEXI AT WORK...Cute blonde Lexi Lamour plays a secretary who's having a dull day at work. It's even raining outside, adding to her gloom. As she talks to a friend on the phone, we get the idea that she's dying for some kind of excitement. (Be careful what you wish for, girlie.) Hearing an odd noise, she gets up from her desk to investigate...and is grabbed by a masked man with a white cloth in his hand! In a flash, the cloth is over her face and she's struggling to breath through noxious fumes, quickly losing the battle for consciousness. When she awakens she is completely tied-up and now there are TWO men pawing at her, pulling off her clothing and playing with her utterly perfect body. At this point we should tell you that, before this day, Lexi had never been tied up. EVER! Despite her inexperience, Tony simply knew that she'd be great in tight, white ropes, and sure enough, she took to physical restriction like a fish to water! What didn't work so well on her were Tony's fat ballgags. She had some trouble with that oh-so-helpless feeling of a thick rubber ball strapped into her mouth. You can see it in her eyes as she tongues the ball, trying desperately not to drool on herself. The masked men do give her some gag-free time...but whenever her mouth is free they taunt and tease her, firmly covering her mouth with their hands (and other body parts) and forcing her to admit to the excitement her vulnerability is causing her. This is her very first bondage experience, after all...how will she react when they get out the buzzing Hitachi vibe and force her to have two booming BONDAGE ORGASMS?
CHAPTER TWO: LAYLA JADE...What more description does one need? Anyone familiar with adult entertainment knows what an amazingly sexual being lovely Layla is. Her enthusiasm for her work in the sex biz absolutely bubbles out of her, affecting everyone on the set around her. Today, however, Tony has decided that he wants this amazing little Brit as much to himself as possible so it's up to him to play the bad guy. You are there to catch the action when Tony's hands are busy with Layla's bound flesh; we get her big, blue eyes staring right into the camera, begging for our touch and pleading for sexual release. She rolls around in her rope bondages, purring at Tony's sexy attention to her plump breasts and asscheeks. Layla is also an expert at dirty talk. Whenever the dripping wet ballgags are out of her mouth, her husky, English-accented voice fills the room, pondering her complete vulnerability and encouraging Tony to treat her however he wishes. "It's just occured to me that you could really fuck with me if you wanted to," she sighs passionately. Layla pushes Tony's (and our) hot-buttons all over the place and trust us, her vibrator scene will leave you absolutely drained! After her first body-quaking orgasm leaves her craving more, she closes her eyes, trying to escape into her own mind full of fantasies. "Open your eyes and look at me!" Tony commands. Her response? She calls him a "dirty fucker" and finds her way over the edge into yet another climax. There is amazing sexual chemistry between Tony and Layla; the sexy, sloe-eyed blonde eventually has THREE giggling, quaking CLIMAXES!