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CAST: Morgan,Sydney Sloane

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

One Fine Afternoon is a must see for anyone who likes to watch helplessly bound women tied up, gagged, fondled, groped, teased and tormented. Poor Sydney Sloane is worked over with her elbows bound behind her back and her succulent tits popping out of her dress waiting to be tortured. Her gagged mouth keeps her good and quiet as she's put into all kinds of restrictive, humiliating bondage positions. Straining and tugging against her restraints, she rolls around and purrs like a cat in heat. Sydney's been a bad girl, but she knows how to take her punishment without complaint.Morgan is a hot rocker chick who likes to put up a fight. But she also likes the feel of white rope pulled tightly across her hot shaved pussy. Her moans and the ringing of the bell on her ball gag make perfect music together as she tries in vain to break free from her restraints. You'd almost feel sorry for her if it wasn't so fucking hot watching this voluptuous babe struggle for freedom. These girls definitely are one fine way to spend an afternoon.