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CAST: Summer Cummings

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 3/1/2020

Super-busty Summer Cummings returns to the dungeon of Bryan Davis! Summer hasn't submitted to Master Bryan in quite a while but now she's back, looking lovelier than ever! The nude and barefoot bondages this simpering sweetie endures is nothing short of superb, taking full advantage of her flexibility and stamina. Summer loves leather straps so Bryan uses plenty of them on her ripe body - although he makes sure to use black cord to more securely bind each of her huge breasts. As the video progresses, Summer's leather gags get more demanding?until she's wearing a full hood! Bryan has complete control of his over-endowed submissive right up until the end. He dominates her fully, ordering her to move about at his whim, and Summer complies completely (as the prefect submissive that she is). Don't miss this special reunion of two bondage greats!