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CAST: Angella Faith,Ashley Renee,Debbie Tandy,Francesca Lé,Katherine Montel,Kristine Imboch (lorelei),Tanja Wilder

DIRECTOR: Kristine Imboch

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

A tattered trunk is dragged in and out pops frightened blonde 'Pauline', secured in a leather single-glove and harness ballgag. Later she meets Debbie Tandy, who informs her that she's now a slave. Debbie has always wanted a slave, and tells Pauline about bondage scenarios she's been told of by her friends. We get to watch as she recounts first a tale about Francesca Lee suspending barefoot, ballgagged and drooling Tanja Wilder, then Ashley Renee caressing helpless Angela Faith. Refusing to submit, Pauline tells a story of her twin sister Kristine binding voluptuous Katherine Montel's breasts before spanking her. When Debbie's back is turned, Pauline escapes her bonds and attacks. Debbie is bound and gagged on screen and the front of her dress is torn open to reveal her nipples. Next she's stripped naked and bound over a table so that Pauline can spank her ass pink. Relaxing her guard leaves Pauline vulnerable to Debbie's escape and retaliation. Before you can blink the slender blonde is bound to a table with her legs spread wide to accommodate the dangling vibrator that forces her to ORGASM. Apparently Debbie decides Pauline is too feisty to be her slave. She's duct taped up and locked back into the trunk, ready for shipping back to where she came from.