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CAST: Jewell Marceau

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jewell spends some time ungagged in this video, all the better for us to enjoy her sweet, sexy pleas for release. She doesn't know why she's been abducted but she knows she doesn't like it. She begs for her hooded ravisher to remove her uncomfortable bonds but all he takes off is her lingerie! The bondages here are all leather and chains. To make a seated strappado more trying, one of Jewell's ankles is hoisted up behind her! Standing with her wrists cuffed high over her head, things get tougher for her when her jailer removes her six-inch heels and she's forced to wobble on her bare tiptoes! Next Jewell is strapped and chained to a metal frame with a long plug forced down into her mouth and her nipples clamped! Body-harnessed and harness-gagged, Jewell tries to tug free of her captor's grip as he reddens her ass with a riding crop. Next the poor girl has her nipples clamped and chained to straps around her thighs! By the time she's struggling on the floor in a face-covering partial hood, Jewell has learned to enjoy being a kept pet and decides not to let herself be freed!