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CAST: Anastasia Pierce,Carolyn Monroe,Jaysson Crane,Tony Starc

DIRECTOR: Tony Stark

RELEASE DATE: 9/15/2018

Who wouldn't want to look directly into a beautiful woman's eyes as she is experiencing the pleasure of being bound, gagged and sexily petted? Innovative director Tony Starc surprises us again with another ground breaking video. In these scenarios, lovely Carolyn Monroe and Anastasia Pierce gaze directly into the camera, as if they were looking right at YOU.
CHAPTER ONE: CAROLYN MEETS JAYSSON...Carolyn and Darla are roommates, so when Darla's brother Jaysson shows up one afternoon for a visit, Carolyn is happy to keep him company while they wait for Darla to return home from a photo shoot. Jaysson has always been somewhat curious about his sister's career in fetish. When he finds out that Carolyn is also a bondage model, he is more than intrigued. A penchant for ropes and gags must run in the family because soon Jaysson has Carolyn happily hogtied on her own bed! Carolyn has forgotten to mention, though, that director Tony Starc is on his way over to discuss a bondage shoot with her. No worries -- when Tony arrives he recruits Jaysson to help out with the shoot and the two guys spend the rest of the afternoon binding and manhandling Carolyn's luscious flesh. All their erotic attention really turns Carolyn on...so much so that when they finally reward her obedience with a buzzing vibrator, she CLIMAXES almost immediately!
Note: Jaysson Crane is indeed the real life brother of Darla Crane and this production marks his video debut.
CHAPTER TWO: ANASTASIA & TONY...Anastasia has come to meet with Tony about shooting a video. When she arrives at his hotel room she is a bit surprised when he greets her at the door with his camera already running but she understands that this is a special project. You see, Anastasia almost never performs with men on video but she has decided that she will relax her personal boundaries for a chance to work with Tony. As she stares into the camera, we can see her ever-so-slight trepidation as he loosens her dress and softly caresses her breast. Her apprehension gives way as his touch becomes more assertive and she begins to enjoy his attentions. Soon her perfect physique is pulled tightly into a package-hogtie and she giggles and sighs as Tony's hands freely roam her body. As she stares straight into the camera lens, it feels as if you are right there on the bed with her. Tony changes her bondages, depending on which part of her lovely body he wants to focus on next: a chairtie leaves her breasts available, a doggie-style pose offers up her round ass and a frogtie leaves her pussy open to his wand vibrator. "I'm close!" she gasps through her gag, just before an intense ORGASM quakes through her.
(We guarantee that this amazing scene will leave you as spent as Anastasia was!)