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CAST: Alex Foxe,Bridgette Paris,Goldie (aka Goldie Blair),Jewell Marceau


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Pretty Alex Foxe is tied up in the backyard. Her cruel captor first covers her poor asscheeks with clothespins, then cools her still-burning buttflesh by shaking up his drink and spraying it all over her!
Voluptuous, all-natural Bridgett Paris is up next. First her soft tits are crushed under tight ropes, then she must endure pinching clothespins and the dreaded pinwheel that leaves red welts across her naked body!
Sexy blonde Goldie rolls seductively in clear plastic mummy wrap, then her tormentor removes the wrapping from her legs to expose the purple plastic wrap that has been cinched up between her pussy lips!
Sultry Jewell Marceau has a rough time in a four-point semi-suspension that leaves her plump boobs vulnerable to clothespin torment, then, already gagged and wrist-bound, she shimmies into a silky spandex bodybag and ties up her own ankles. Her Master soon catches her, though, and seals the bag up over her head with only her hands sticking out!
Another collection of sexy women in strict situations, directed by Ryan Paris!