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CAST: Sherilyn


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

For six scenes, energetic newcomer Sherilyn struggles in strict bondage, wearing all kinds of sexy pantyhose! We open on the lithe brunette in black satin lingerie, pantyhose and heels, struggling fetchingly in a red-leather-cuff and handcuff hogtie, then the cuffs are removed and a second pair of black pantyhose added as a nylon straitjacket!In only white pantyhose and heels, Sherilyn is bound quite prettily and very securely atop a small table.Next we find the petite cutie in super-tight "body-shaper" hose (with the crotch conveniently snipped out) bound in snug, stretchy, spandex bondage tubes!A wrists-to-ankles leather-cuff bondage is made ultra-sexy by jet black, crotchless, control-top hose.Finally, we find Sherilyn clad from neck to toe in sheer nude pantyhose, bound and gagged tightly with yellow duct tape! This new bondagette does a great job in her first Close-Up video. She really understands what pantyhose fetish is all about!