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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Darby Daniels,Jenny Mckay,Lana Blake,Tanya Danielle,Tyler Macneil


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

PANTYHOSE PIXIES . . . . Sprite-like Jenny badly wants to become a 'Pantyhose Pixie.' Not clear on who they are--except that they love pantyhose--and make their members wear them ALL the time. Whenever a Pixie forgets to wear pantyhose (oh no!), she is summarily bound and gagged, but not before she is forced to wear pantyhose first. Jenny gets her reluctant pal Lana to become a Pantyhose Pixie as well--unfortunately for her, she fights the process every step of the way. Which means poor Lana gets tied up a lot--with and without Jenny--as she almost always forgets to wear pantyhose! Following are three lovelies in pantyhose bondage: Tanya Danielle is wearing pantyhose and wrapped up in black electrical tape and little else; Tyler MacNeil is tightly (elbows together) hogtied on the bed--in pantyhose and high heels; and Alexis Taylor and Darby Daniels make a gorgeous duo in red and white, tied and taped on a bed, struggling in their pantyhose! Don't miss Oak O'Kork's first pantyhose-specific video! Directed by Oak O'Kork