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CAST: Darla Crane, Julie Beren, Stacy Burke

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

When Stacy lost her job a few months ago she moved into Julie's house, and their friendship has really suffered! The trouble is Stacy has gotten lazy. She schleps around the house in old jeans and has all but stopped looking for a new job. Julie yells at Stacy to get her act together, which causes Stacy to storm out of the house in a huff. Julie figures the fight is over...but it's just begun!
While Julie sits reading, two women dressed in black sneak into the house and grab her. Soon Julie is in a tight ball-tie atop a tall stool, flinching in humiliation as they torment and laugh at her. Her captors pull the stool out from under her and she's totally suspended!
Next poor Julie is bound on the sofa, forced to endure a big set of nipple clamps. Darla even snips off Julie's white satin panties with scissors!
The tormentors leave the house and Julie is left to struggle alone. When Stacy gets home she laughingly tells Julie that she hired the mystery women to teach her a little lesson about being such a tight-ass. Enraged, Julie vows revenge!
A few days later we find that Stacy still hasn't gotten a job. In fact, she's just lying around, listening to music on a headset, when who should sneak up behind her? Stacy must endure her own cloth-strip suspension and a semi-ball tie on the sofa. Darla uses a riding crop on her ass, tits and thighs. Soon Julie enters, laughing merrily at Stacy's situation. Of course she hired the bad girls to get back at Stacy.
Before she is even untied, Stacy starts bickering with Julie. By now, though, the two villainesses are getting a bit tired of being used as pawns in this silly game.
Completely annoyed, they grab Julie and soon she and Stacy are bound back-to-back on a stool. They must endure hands, whips, and a lot of clothespins on their tender flesh!
Their trouble doesn't end there, though. Bound side-by-side on the coffee table, Julie suffers the indignity of a strap-on vibrator, while Stacy (who started the whole thing, remember) is subjected to a huge wand vibrator until she succumbs to a humiliating ORGASM!