Play It Sweet

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CAST: Darla Crane,Lorelei (aka Kristine Imboch)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

PLAY IT SWEET... This is the classic tale of ransom and revenge! Darla Crane overpowers Lorelei, ties her up and gags her, then stuffs her in a large crate for transport. Lorelei is briefly put into a car trunk, chair-tied for ransom photos, forcibly fed and more! When Lorelei makes an escape attempt, she's caught and receives a strict hogtie and a ball-gag for her efforts. Then Darla forces Lorelei to strip and puts her captive to bed with a tight crotch-rope. Lorelei frees herself to turn the tables on Darla, but there's still a final twist to the tale! All tying and gaggings are shown on-screen!Directed by Jon Woods