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CAST: Darla Crane


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Darla Crane stars in this classic, century-spanning costume spectacular!
So varied are her clothing, makeup and hair styles, you'll almost believe there are different models involved. Each character endures multiple positions. Here's the breakdown:
An Egyptian empress is progressively entwined in cords of gold and muslin bandage strips. Culminates in a partial mummy-wrap!
A barefoot Roman serving girl is roped barefoot on a leafy forest path.
A Victorian lass trussed in a 20-inch-waist brocade corset, bloomers and lace-up boots.
A "roaring 20s" flapper girl in a purple satin teddy and rolled-down stockings. (No shoes!)
A raven-tressed Klaw era pinup tries on her silky new stockings and six-inch stiletto heeled pumps before her bondages. (These scenes are presented in black & white!)
A platinum-tressed starlet is tied up backstage in a spooky old movie theater palace. (She's hung upside-down from her knees!)
A barefoot, bell-bottomed, hippie chick is tied to a big, leafy tree.
A futuristic spacegirl is taped and single-sleeved in her slick vinyl suit and boots.
Most of these colorful characters are tied up at least three times, so there are 23 scenes in all! See for yourself why Darla has become one of the most beloved bondage models of all time!