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CAST: Anna Lieb,Brandy (aka Krystal Summers)

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bryan and his slave Brandy (Krystal Summers) have just settled in for an afternoon of bondage play. Bryan has a surprise for his pet, though. He's arranged for another girl to join in on the fun! Brandy is NOT pleased...she wants to play with Bryan, not another woman. Too bad for her!
Swedish babe Anna Lieb runs her dainty hands over Brandy's big boobs. She grabs a big handful of Brandy's blonde hair and tugs! Clothespins come next, right on Brandy's plump nipples.
Moving her unwilling captive to the floor, Anna whaps her with a riding crop and changes her gag from a ball to a big, black rubber plug. Brandy is flipped over onto her tummy and hogtied.
Next, a strict standing waist-bender over a bondage frame keeps Brandy in control. For this scene Brandy is nude except for a tight multi-strand crotchrope.
Now the surprise is on Anna, because it's her turn to be bound! Bryan takes his time buckling a bit gag into her mouth and pulling off her panties and shoes. He ties her arms up strappado-style. Even when barefoot, Anna's feet pop into a "high-heel" position, and we get a cute close-up of her standing on tippy-toe.
Next Katrina spends time in a big wooden slave-chair. Bryan ring-gags her and ties her into a cross-ankle sitting position. He clamps her nipples and suspends the clamps for extra tug. (We get a great close-up of her plump pussy surrounded by ropes.) Bryan slowly laces his new slave into a full hood, in a tight close-up shot so we can hear each little whimper through the leather. A knotted crotchrope adorns her otherwise nude body.
Next he laces the hooded beauty into a leather single-glove and straps on a leather body harness. More leather straps follow, until Anna is all packaged up into a little leather-bound ball!