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CAST: Dik Silver, Dino Bravo, Jewell Marceau, Summer Cummings

DIRECTOR: Tony Stark

RELEASE DATE: 3/1/2020

We don't know how he does it but our new director Tony Starc manages to get the most *amazing* performances out of his actors and actresses. In this, the fourth installment to our popular new Tony Starc Erotica series, Tony presents two of his favorite models, bound, gagged and lovingly manhandled. Trust us, you have never seen Jewell Marceau or Summer Cummings receive this kind of male attention on camera!
CHAPTER ONE: JEWELL MEETS DINO...Sweet, sexy Jewell Marceau is one of fetish entertainment's most popular models. Dino Bravo, on the other hand, spends most of his time performing in XXX adult videos and knows very little about the fetish industry. What he does know is that he enjoys tying women up – and when circumstances bring him and Jewell together one fateful afternoon, that is just what he will do. Jewell takes to Dino's understated style immediately, murmuring and sighing happily in four tight bondages as he freely fondles her lush flesh and licks her sweet toes. Her supple body is completely nude throughout, except for a pair of strappy, six-inch, stiletto sandals, lots of white rope and a nice variety of ballgags. As their erotic play comes to an end, Dino uses a furiously buzzing vibrator (along with soft, hot whispers in her ear) to give Jewell a genuine, squealing orgasm!
CHAPTER TWO: SUMMER STAYS HOME... Besides having a great face and a body to die for, Summer Cummings is one of the most adorable girls you could ever hope to meet. Her real life personality shines much brighter than the meek submissive she is usually asked to portray on video. In this story we get to see what happens when Summer's boyfriend Dik decides he would rather stay home and make love to her than go out and party. Of course, Dik and Summer's style of making love includes strict roping, mouth-filling gags and lots of wonderful dirty talk. As Dik taunts and teases Summer, she blushes, giggles...and is clearly aroused. He picks her up and turns her this way and that, eliciting squeals of pleasure. (That's what she gets for wearing those shiny, patent leather, stiletto boots that drive him wild.) By the end of the evening Summer is more than ready for sexual gratification -- which Dik happily supplies, via a wand vibrator.
Summer and Jewell are indeed two of Tony's favorite models...but luckily for us, they're not the only two girls on that list. Watch for "Playing Favorites, Vol. 2," coming soon!