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CAST: Erin,Mistress Fawn,Nikki,Tory Sinclair

DIRECTOR: Sydney Masters

RELEASE DATE: 9/15/2018

Tired of her boring male slave, Mistress Fawn sends him out to find her a new female slave toy. He dutifully returns with an innocent young goth-club chickie who has no idea what she's in for!
Sweet, cherubic Erin is taken prisoner. she's bound and flogged. She feels the burn of clothespins on her pussy and spanking on her virgin butt.
Meanwhile, Erin's good friend Tory Sinclair is a mess, losing sleep with nightmares about her poor, innocent missing friend. She stay outlate every night, wandering the streets, looking for Erin and drinking to forget her troubles. When Tory's roommate Nikki finds her sleeping in late one morning she knows it's because Tory has been out late again.
Nikki will have none of this and admonishes Tory for her reckless behavior. She grabs starled Tory and spanks her hard and furious.
Of course, Tory eventually manages to turn the tables and tans Nikki's backside, too!
Lots of cute girl/girl interaction, wrestling around and butt-spanking...but whatever will become of poor Erin?