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CAST: Lana Lotts,Rachel

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

One glance at newcomer Lana’s amazing bustline will have you panting!
Jay carries his freshly-captured trophy into the house as she squeals and kicks in distress. “Oh, poor you!” he says, without a drop of pity, and proceeds to use her amazing physique to satisfy himself nicely.
A post tie is next, and Lana must endure tourniquet-style breast roping and a big blue ballgag. Next, there’s an elbows-together strappado that leaves Lana’s ass ripe and ready for a series of HARD swats on her firm asscheeks. (You’ll thrill at how genuine her reactions are!)
We now find Lana kneeling on a tall stool. A big panel gag seals her mouth shut as Jay uses his white stinger whip to redden her huge tits. More ultra-real whimpers!) Seated on Jay’s “girlie-go-round,” Lana trembles as a giant red ballgag is forced between her stretched lips, then she is bound in a tight lotus position with her black ballgag locked to a post in front of her face.
Is busty Lana ready for such a demanding Master?
Rounding out the program are three scenes of another newcomer to Jay’s stable of submissives; Rachel is a petite Latina with tanned skin, long, dark hair and flashing brown eyes. Of course, Jay doesn’t go easy on a girl just because she’s new! Clad in black lingerie and heels, Rachel pouts at intricate breast bondage accented by black electrical tape on her nipples. Jay changes her ballgag to a huge wad of white cloth, sealed in with blue med-wrap.
For her next scene, Rachel learns that any girl can fit a full-sized ballgag in her mouth...if you PUSH hard enough! Her last scene is hot: she’s nude, barefoot and roped from her neck to her ankles!
(Also includes a preview of JEV-152.)