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CAST: Abby Cameron,Alexis Lane,Amber Michaels,Carolyn Monroe,Chanta Rose,Cory Lane,Karina Santos (aka Karina Ballerina),Ryan Conner,Zana


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"I've got five more people to kidnap today," barks Amber Michaels as she fastens a duct tape gag over her first victim's mouth.
In the mysterious secret society known only as "The Kidnap Club," customers are abducted and restrained in order to experience a natural high on par with bungee jumping or sky diving.
Later, Abby Cameron and Cory Lane feel it's their turn to play the kidnappers. No such luck, ladies!
Also stars Ryan Conner, Alexis Lane, Carolyn Monroe, Chanta Rose, Karina Santos and Zana!